Razorlocks Update – Runner’s Ridge Visuals

Here’s a look at updated visuals for the Runner’s Ridge level in Razorlocks. This mostly represents the target visual fidelity for the level in the final game, maybe with the addition of some more polish and details. It took nearly a year to get it looking this good, mainly due to experimentation with how to…
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Razorlocks Update – Mini Trials

Here’s a quick look at a few new mini trial challenges in Razorlocks. These timed obstacle courses are going to be the main objective while exploring a level alongside races and airtime challenges. I’m confident that this level design philosophy is the right direction for the game following recent positive feedback from an in-person indie…
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Powerslide Kart Physics Is Now Open Source!

Powerslide Kart Physics is finally free for everyone. You can get it at the GitHub repository or download the Unity package with the last version published to the Asset Store. You can find some unfinished features in other branches such as race and battle modes, but I will not be supporting those or developing them…
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Razorlocks Airtime Challenge

Razorlocks Update – Airtime Challenge Mode

I’m happy to reveal a new NPC challenge mode showcased in an early version of Runner’s Ridge! In this one the goal is to catch as much airtime as possible while hitting score multipliers to beat your opponents. A few more similar modes should end up in the final game with some repeat variations of…
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Runner's Ridge

Razorlocks Level Preview – Runner’s Ridge

Here’s an early version of what will become the first level of Razorlocks: Runner’s Ridge! Catch some air from the skate park ramps and run on the elevated track, or participate in a race around the outer terrain loop. Soon there will be even more things to do and interact with here! In the coming…
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Razorlocks being played

Razorlocks Was Near GDC!

I’m posting this a few days late but I’m excited to share that I had the opportunity to have some folks try out Razorlocks in-person at an after party hosted by Gamera Games near the Game Developers Conference! This was the first time I’ve been able to see someone else play the game in person…
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Race Against Doublelocks

Razorlocks Update – Introducing Doublelocks and Race Mode!

Download the latest build here! Welp…time sure flies doesn’t it? Approximately 16 months after the previous update I finally have something new to share for Razorlocks. First up, a new race challenge mode, initiated by talking to a character you encounter and partaking in a race through a series of checkpoints. The first character you…
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Razorlocks Hub Reveal

Razorlocks Devlog – Hub Reveal

It’s been more than a year since the last update, but I finally have something new to show off for Razorlocks. This is the hub area, a pier perched on the edge of a waterfall where you will be able to select a level to travel to, choose a new outfit, view online leaderboards, or…
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Razorlocks New Level

Razorlocks Devlog – New Level Preview and Future Plans

Razorlocks has a new level, but not a new public update. The latest level will be available once the game has a public page on Steam, as I’m in the process of getting things ready for a presence on Steam’s storefront. My goal is to publish the page and new demo by the end of…
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Convex Collider Creator

Convex Collider Creator is Now Open Source!

You can download the asset either as a Unity package or from GitHub. This is what was originally known as the pro version, so all features are included. I chose to make this open source because sales have pretty much stopped completely and there are deep-rooted issues with the asset that I don’t want to…
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Razorlocks Pre-Alpha

Razorlocks Update – Music, Menus, & Loading Screen

It’s been difficult to make progress on Razorlocks during these trying times while being a full-time student, but I finally have new update ready. This version features music for each level, a pause menu with settings for graphics, audio, and controls, and a loading screen transition for entering and exiting levels. There are some other…
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