Games by Justin Couch

Formerly Randomation Games

I’m passionate about games to a fault…

…for better or for worse.

I’m a game developer that has been using the Unity Engine since 2012 to develop a number of games and game assets. Most of them even have a source project available for download so you can see how they work.

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Keep up with occasional updates on my projects.

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Powerslide Kart Physics

Powerslide Kart Physics – New Unity Asset Now Available

My new unity asset Powerslide Kart Physics has been released! It is based on the physics of my old game The Fastest Meal of the Day. While the core physics[…]

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Razorlocks Banner

Razorlocks Update – Character Redesign

The face of Razorlocks just got a redesign with a more interesting outfit and color palette. She is really starting to feel like a proper game character with new facial[…]

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Razorlocks Banner

Razorlocks Update – Particles & Audio

Razorlocks now features particle and audio effects, greatly improving the feel of the game. Give the demo a try (or just watch the video) and let me know how well[…]

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Personal projects made more or less for the fun of it.


A 3D platformer currently in development that emphasizes moving fast and leaping far with various abilities.

The Fastest Meal of the Day

A single-player breakfast themed kart racer with 8 characters and one track to choose from.

Stickman Catapult 3D

A 3D version of an old game of mine where you launch the stickman as far as possible while avoiding bottomless pits.

Waffles (And Then Some)

A toasty 2D platformer where you play as a mustached waffle and soak up syrup, butter, and water to navigate 17 levels.

Game Assets

Tools and templates targeted at game developers to supplement their projects.

Powerslide Kart Physics

This is the most straightforward solution for achieving smooth, responsive kart physics. Familiar mechanics including jumping, drifting, and turbo boosting are all here, along with limited item/powerup support and basic waypoint AI.

Convex Collider Creator

A flexible tool for crafting convex mesh colliders in Unity. The powerful editor window and collider group component allow you to nondestructively design multiple colliders at once and generate them both in the editor and at runtime.

Randomation Vehicle Physics

An open source vehicle physics package for the Unity Engine supporting many vehicle configurations, damage, and stunt detection.

Stylized Hollow Muscle Car

A free Unity asset featuring 3 paint jobs, 4 levels of detail with baked PBR textures, 3 submesh separation variants, and more.