Convex Collider Creator

Tired of tediously modeling collision meshes from scratch in external software?

Sounds like you need Convex Collider Creator, a flexible tool for crafting convex mesh colliders in the Unity Engine. The powerful editor window and collider group component allow you to nondestructively design multiple colliders at once and generate them both in the editor and at runtime.

Starting with a simple box, you can make adjustments to form many shapes including spheres, cylinders, capsules, cones, and more with the interactive scene view handles. Any corner can be rounded about each axis independently and you can tweak the number of detail subdivisions for different sections of the mesh. Beyond that, you can fine-tune the hull with deformation hooks to pull, twist, and expand any part of the collider.

Save and load presets for individual colliders along with presets for entire groups of colliders. Presets are saved as assets in your project and can be linked with new objects to transfer collider information. You can even save generated meshes as assets for other uses.

Customize and procedurally generate colliders at runtime to create dynamic collision meshes for your props, characters, and vehicles on the fly. Check out the live demo below to see how it works.

WebGL DemoDownload Windows Demo

Twelve example prefabs are included and set up with collider presets for you to analyze. All of them can be seen in the promotional images for this asset below.

Getting up to speed with collider creation is a breeze with the extended video tutorial and PDF documentation. Read up on the script reference in the docs to become a procedural power user! The full source code is included in C# scripts and not plugins.

Have a problem, question, or other concern? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected]. You can also discuss this asset in the forum thread. This asset is compatible with Unity 5.6.6, 2017.x, and 2018.x.

Pro exclusive features:
– Deformation hooks to precisely adjust the shape of collision meshes.
– Ability to save generated collision meshes as assets for other uses.
– Automatic detail reduction during generation to keep polygon counts under the limit of 255 while editing.
– Option to automatically generate colliders for objects in Start().
– Asynchronous collider generation during runtime.

You can upgrade from lite to pro for the price difference.

Pro Version on the Unity Asset Store – $20 USDLite Version on the Unity Asset Store – $10 USD