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Convex Collider Creator

Tired of tediously modeling collision meshes from scratch in external software?

Sounds like you need Convex Collider Creator, a flexible tool for crafting convex mesh colliders in the Unity Engine. The powerful editor window and collider group component allow you to nondestructively design multiple colliders at once and generate them both in the editor and at runtime.

More Info + DemoDocumentationPro Version on the Unity Asset Store – $20 USDLite Version on the Unity Asset Store – $10 USD

Randomation Vehicle Physics

An open source vehicle physics package for the Unity Engine supporting many vehicle configurations, damage, and stunt detection. It’s designed to achieve a semi-realistic balance in handling and comes with many prefab vehicles ready to customize.

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Stylized Hollow Muscle Car

Stylized Hollow Muscle Car

A free Unity asset featuring 3 paint jobs, 4 levels of detail with baked PBR textures, 3 submesh separation variants, and more. See the full features list on the Asset Store.

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