Razorlocks Update – Music, Menus, & Loading Screen

Razorlocks Update – Music, Menus, & Loading Screen

Razorlocks Pre-Alpha

It’s been difficult to make progress on Razorlocks during these trying times while being a full-time student, but I finally have new update ready. This version features music for each level, a pause menu with settings for graphics, audio, and controls, and a loading screen transition for entering and exiting levels. There are some other minor polishes like being able to instantly respawn with a button press, but otherwise no major content additions.

This update is only available as a Windows download because of issues with building for WebGL, and there might not be any more updates for that version because the game will just continue to get bigger and the final game will only be available for Windows anyways (maybe other platforms after launch). I look forward to spending more time working on the project during summer break, so hopefully the next update won’t take as long.


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