I try to wear many hats but they keep falling off.

Something about game development inspires me in a way that most things do not. My ambitious ideas have pushed me to my limit more times than I can count, yet I’m continually compelled to come back and try again.

My personal projects are currently taking a back-seat to my full-time job as a software engineer, but I still plan to chip away at them in my free time.

Below you will find my relevant skills as of late. My digital work overall spans back to 2007.

Unity + C#

I’ve been using Unity since 2012 and C# with Unity since 2014. I am always learning and making greater use of the features of C# with each and every project.


Photoshop has been my image/texture creation tool of choice since 2009.


Blender is the tool I use for creating 3D models, UV unwrapping, and rigging. I have used it since 2013.


I have done some simple audio work with Audacity since 2008 and more recently Audition and FL Studio. Audio is not one of my strong suits, but my games need SFX and music.

The JustInvoke logo uses Courier Prime licensed under the SIL Open Font License.