You can email me directly at [email protected] or reach out on social media (see links at bottom of homepage).
Please include images and/or video if possible when contacting for asset support.

Asset Support Terms

A valid invoice number from purchase must be submitted to receive support for premium assets.

I do not offer technical support for open source projects, but will still answer simple questions about them. I offer limited technical support for premium assets as follows:

I do answer simple inquiries prior to purchase.
I do answer complex questions from customers and assist with complex problems that may arise.
If you discover a bug in one of my assets I will make necessary modifications in order to fix the bug.
I will not implement special features for individual customers. You may request that new features be added in future updates for all customers and I may implement them at my discretion.
I will analyze code that is not substantially modified. If you have made substantial modifications that are causing problems in your project, I will only offer some guidance on what changes might have caused problems related to my assets, but will not dedicate much time to analyzing the code.
I do offer limited support with connecting my assets to third party assets. This does not include substantial modifications or additions to code in order to facilitate interactions between assets, only simple function calls and variable passing. I will not dedicate time to research the documentation of third party assets.
I do not fix bugs caused by third party assets.
If you provide a project for download, I will analyze it to a limited extent in order to fix a problem directly related to my assets. I will only make minor modifications to code unless the problem is directly caused by my assets. I will not dedicate much time to analyzing external code that may be interacting poorly with my assets.