New 3D Platformer Prototype – Razorlocks

New 3D Platformer Prototype – Razorlocks

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I’m happy to announce a new project I’ve been working on for a few months, Razorlocks, a 3D platformer emphasizing moving fast and leaping far. Core abilities include wall running, grappling, dashing, and spinning and can all be used to navigate levels in interesting ways. The title Razorlocks is derived from the way the character’s blade tool is connected to her hair and is used to spin and grapple.

There are Windows and WebGL versions of the playable prototype available featuring a basic level with a number of moving and rotating platforms to demonstrate the movement mechanics of the game. There are no sound effects, enemies, or hazards yet but I plan on adding these in a future update in a few months. Feedback on the feel of the gameplay is appreciated.

See the game’s page here for more details and the download links.


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