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Razorlocks Airtime Challenge

Razorlocks Update – Airtime Challenge Mode

I’m happy to reveal a new NPC challenge mode showcased in an early version of Runner’s Ridge! In this one the goal is to catch as much airtime as possible while hitting score multipliers to beat your opponents. A few more similar modes should end up in the final game with some repeat variations of…
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Runner's Ridge

Razorlocks Level Preview – Runner’s Ridge

Here’s an early version of what will become the first level of Razorlocks: Runner’s Ridge! Catch some air from the skate park ramps and run on the elevated track, or participate in a race around the outer terrain loop. Soon there will be even more things to do and interact with here! In the coming…
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Razorlocks Hub Reveal

Razorlocks Devlog – Hub Reveal

It’s been more than a year since the last update, but I finally have something new to show off for Razorlocks. This is the hub area, a pier perched on the edge of a waterfall where you will be able to select a level to travel to, choose a new outfit, view online leaderboards, or…
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Razorlocks Banner

New 3D Platformer Prototype – Razorlocks

I’m happy to announce a new project I’ve been working on for a few months, Razorlocks, a 3D platformer emphasizing moving fast and leaping far. Core abilities include wall running, grappling, dashing, and spinning and can all be used to navigate levels in interesting ways. The title Razorlocks is derived from the way the character’s…
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