Lite Version of Convex Collider Creator Now Available + 1.01 Update

Lite Version of Convex Collider Creator Now Available + 1.01 Update

Convex Collider Creator Lite

There is now a lite version of Convex Collider Creator available at half the cost of the pro version. The pro version is the same as the previous normal one and can be upgraded to for the price difference. I hope the lower price point will entice potential users who were unsure of the value of the asset as I believe this is one of those tools that you have to experience yourself to see how useful it is.

Pro exclusive features:

  • Deformation hooks to precisely adjust the shape of collision meshes.
  • Ability to save generated collision meshes as assets for other uses.
  • Automatic detail reduction during generation to keep polygon counts under the limit of 255 while editing.
  • Option to automatically generate colliders for objects in Start().
  • Asynchronous collider generation during runtime (multiple colliders on a single object generated will be generated over multiple frames).

Even without the pro features you can still create many unique collider shapes. The pro features are more advanced anyways, so the lite version is a good chance to get the hang of collider editing before upgrading to the pro version. The lite version includes meshes generated with the pro version for comparison, but not property presets. If you choose to purchase either version, please don’t forget to leave a review and help the asset gain some traction.

Version 1.01 is also available for the lite and pro versions with the following improvements:

  • Removed unnecessary call of new GeneratorInstance in ColliderGenerator.
  • Fixed minor null reference exception thrown by mesh saving feature when no mesh has been generated.
  • The editor window will now automatically reload when a new scene is opened.
  • New ‘Generated Meshes’ folder containing generated collision meshes for all example objects.


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