Razorlocks Update – Character Redesign

Razorlocks Update – Character Redesign

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The face of Razorlocks just got a redesign with a more interesting outfit and color palette. She is really starting to feel like a proper game character with new facial expressions and idle animations. Enemies have also been given an orange glow effect to make them more eye-catching.

If you watched my last video, you probably remember be talking about implementing a clothing/gear system. I have decided to shelve this idea because the process of modelling and rigging different pieces of clothing to work together is proving to be very tedious, bringing up all-too-familiar feelings of burnout. I’ve worked on this project almost every day since my summer break started, so I’m going to give development a rest for a bit. I’m still excited about this project and looking forward to building some proper levels soon.

I plan on having a new update ready in a few months with some new levels to play through (accompanied by some music), and maybe even a preview of one of the home worlds I’ve been thinking about.


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